Jeremy Babendure, Ph.D.

Executive Director

Dr. Jeremy Babendure is the Executive Director of the Arizona Technology Council Foundation, the Annual Arizona SciTech Initiative, Associate Professor of Molecular Sciences at Arizona State University and a research fellow at the Institute for Learning Innovation. The annual AZ SciTech festival includes over 800 collaborators, 1200 events and draws over 400,000 participants. Most recently Jeremy has launched the Chief Science Officers Initiative, transforming student voice in the conversation about STEM and education and the Arizona STEM School Community of Practice bringing together 50+ diverse schools teams focused on STEM.  Prior to his work in Arizona, Jeremy received his doctorate in in the lab of the late Nobel Laureate, Dr. Roger Tsien at the University of California, San Diego developing molecular sensors for the detection of RNA. Following this work, he and Roger launched the ScienceBridge program as mechanism to bring current science to the San Diego schools annually impacting ~200 teachers, ~20,000 students, and ~60,000 community members and attaining 12M+ in national grants.