Destiny Madaje

STREET Team Lead

In 2014, Destiny Madaje and her husband decided to educate their children at home. Encountering the challenge a lot of new homeschool parents face on how to create or supplement their children’s science education, Destiny stumbled upon AZ SciTech during an AZ SciTech Festival Signature Event at Heritage Square. Since then, her family takes advantage of the many AZ SciTech events listed on the website. Initially as event attendees, Destiny and her family can now be often seen during family-oriented AZ SciTech Festival events as part of the STREET Team. Destiny also helps input events into the AZ SciTech Festival calendar.

Her and her husband’s passion for their children to have a balance between having a traditional education and the ability to connect with the world on a more human level is the main foundation of their children’s schooling. From teaching a children’s robotics class in the Philippines to throwing Borax and other chemical compounds into the campfire, Destiny hopes that these experiences will inspire her boys to change the world for the better while having fun doing it.