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Downtown Science Cafés @ Magpie’s Gourmet Pizza: Life Beyond Earth: The Science of Astrobiology

Only one history of life has been recorded on our planet, but can we resurrect essential components of our planet’s biological past?

Is life a result of a fluke accident? What is the likelihood of life occurring elsewhere in the Universe? In this talk I will describe how my group uses molecular tools to unravel the conditions of our ancient planet and to explore life’s possible existence elsewhere in the Universe. I will also discuss how the contributions of Lynn Margulis, a visionary biologist, impacted our understanding of the origins of complex life and astrobiology.

Presenter: Betul Kacar, Nasa Early Career Fellow, Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology and Astronomy, University of Arizona

Historic Researcher: Lynn Margulis


Series Title: Women in Science: From Pioneers to the Present

Women have done groundbreaking research in many fields of science. However, in the past they did not always receive the recognition they deserved. Fortunately, women have pushed hard for equality, and social norms in the United States have shifted. Today female researchers do outstanding work in every field of science, and their contributions rank on an equal footing with male researchers. This series features leading women researchers from the University of Arizona, women who work in a range of different fields. Each presenter will also reference a female researcher who came before them in their field, women who pioneered the way at a time when few women were able to pursue a career in scientific research.