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Breakfast with the Animals (Ages 2-5): Gentle Giant Giraffes

Have you learned what a giraffe wants for breakfast?  Have you watched an otter wake up in the morning?  Have you fed a giant tortoise breakfast?  Join us for Early Childhood Animal Breakfasts and YOU CAN! 

Enjoy a light morning meal of “people food” along with child-directed, play-based activities which include a variety of movement, discovery, reasoning, art projects, songs, guided and free play opportunities.

Stretch as high as you can as you prepare to learn all about the tallest animals at the Zoo; the giraffe!  In this month’s breakfast adventure, you’ll learn about what giraffes eat, how they use their tongues and much, much more!  After breakfast and activities, you’ll enjoy a unique experience going behind-the-scenes to meet the tallest animals at the Zoo!