Kickoff Session Sneak Peek: “Ticonderoga Red Eye Saloon”

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Track: STEM in Education 

The workshop presents the concept and reaction of acids and bases using household material that goes along with a story 

This workshop presents to participants the concepts of acid and base reaction following the AZ science standards. We present the neutralization reaction between acid and base incorporated with an activity for the participants.Participants receive handout describing steps to investigate an experiment. The workshop proceeds in three steps: pre knowledge test, powerpoint, and team activity along with follow up.

Intended Audience: K-8 teachers, students, and parents

The house hold chemicals used are ammonia and vinegar with an indicator.



Overseer: Meena Rustagi, Teacher, Payson High School 

Barbara (Lizzy) MacFarlane, 11th Grade Student, Payson High School 

My name is Darby MacFarlane, and I am a ninth grader at Payson High School. I am have been interested in science for a while, ever since I entered my first science fair project in fifth grade. Since then I have taken a science fair project to state each year and I even took second place at state in seventh grade. I enjoy science and am in advanced classes for science, math, and English. Other activities I enjoy include playing basketball and shooting archery.

Darby Macfarlane, 9th Grade Student, Payson High School 

My name is Lizzie MacFarlane, I am an eleventh grader at Payson High School this year and I am currently taking chemistry as my science class. Every year I participate in a science fair project and have been doing so since the 6th grade. My last project went to Nationals through FFA science. I am highly interested in science and plan to go into a science based career when I graduate from college. I have been able to attend a science summer camp every year that gives me the opportunity to interact with college professors in specific fields such as Chemistry, CSI, Nursing and Ecology. This year I am participating in a study with NAU and am very excited to get some practice talking and doing this demonstration in front of all of you. My other hobbies that take up most of my time after school include Deca (Marketing & Distributing Education), archery and FFA (Agriculture Education).



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