Kickoff Session Sneak Peek: “Snakes on a Plane: Fun Times Review”

Posted in: 8th Annual Kickoff Conference

Track: STEM in Education 

Snakes on a Plane is an engaging review game that engages all students who are required to play and move every turn. It is easy to set up and can be adapted to any subject area, topic, and grade level. Come test your general science skills, play and see how it’s done.



Mina Bhagdev, President, STEMteachersPHX 


Mina Bhagdev has taught science for more than 25 years. She currently teaches chemistry and science research at the high school level and is also an instructional coach. Mina has a passion for teaching and is always looking for ways to engage and motivate her students and to improve the leaning that occurs in her classroom. As an instructional coach and President of STEMteachersPHX, she can engage in her other passion – collaborating and sharing great pedagogy with her colleagues.

Amanda Roberts, Vice President, Social Media, STEMteachersPHX 


Nichole Spencer, STEM Outreach Coordinator, Phoenix College 


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