Kickoff Session Sneak Peek: “Imagication in the Classroom”

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Track: Arts & Sneaky Science 

Steve Jobs defined creativity as “connecting things.” These exercises will implement that strategy while exposing students to science concepts while using their creativity.

Activity: Labeling an image subsection emphasizing Botany and Biology.

Attendees will look at a composite image. This is an alien creature that has been invented and drawn. It has no reference point. It does come from or expand on any of the existing genres in the media i.e. Star Wars Star Trek, Dr Who etc. (It’s original). Attendees are then given a subset of that image that contains some biological elements. They are encouraged to use their knowledge of biology and botany or any other source and their imagination to label each section of the image.


Presenter: Michael Amann, CEO, Oblyvion Enterprises  


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