Kickoff Session Sneak Peek: “Are We Graduating the Entrepreneurial Doers and Thinkers the World Needs?”

Posted in: 8th Annual Kickoff Conference

Track: STEM in Education 


Preparing students for the future workplace is about cultivating their entrepreneurial mindset – an approach that values “initiative, intelligent risk-taking, collaboration, and opportunity recognition”.

This session will show educators why building a movement of impact-driven entrepreneurship in their school is crucial to student success. In addition, this session will cover practical tips on how to bring entrepreneurship into the classroom to best equip their students with 21st century skills. By the end, participants will be better prepared to graduate the entrepreneurial doers, makers, and thinkers the world needs to solve social problems.

This session will:

Illustrate the future workplace that demands innovation-ready workers equipped with resiliency, design-thinking skills, and tech fluency

Educate attendees on how Generation Z differs from Millennials (motivated by security, more competitive, want independence, etc.)

Explore education trends propelling students towards deeper critical thinking and problem solving (entrepreneurship, project-based learning, social/emotional learning, etc.)

Demonstrate social entrepreneurship as a powerful method of teaching students social responsibility

Exemplify tactical strategies to instill entrepreneurship skills in students in the classroom

Inspire educators to engage students in a more interactive way.



Presenter: Courtney Klein, Co-Founder & CEO, SEED SPOT


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