Kickoff Session Sneak Peek: “Get Hands-on with Nano”

Posted in: 8th Annual Kickoff Conference

Track: STEM in Education

Activities developed at Nano-Link, a National Science Foundation regional center, part of the Advanced Technological Education Program, will be used to illustrate how a simple material’s “macro behavior” can be used to illuminate a number of key nano concepts.

Nano-Link module development principles and learning outcomes (based on Big Ideas in Nano Science and Engineering) will be presented as well as some tips for module integration into courses/curriculum.


Host: Nano-Link: Center for Nanotechnology Education (Funded by the National Science Foundation) 


Kim Grady, M.Ed., Principal and Founder, BehaveHeuristics, LLC 



Kim Grady is Principal of BehaveHeuristics, an instructional-technology consulting firm located in Apache Junction, Arizona. She has 30 years experience designing and developing learning products and systems for Advanced Technological Education (ATE) programs and the advanced technology industry across the U.S. She is an established expert in educational media (all things digital), active learning styles,  on-line learning environments, and yes, she has a passion about using video as a teaching and learning tool. She holds a B.S. in Education and a M.Ed. in Educational Computers and Technology, both from Arizona State University.


Anna Tanguma-Gallegos, Program Officer, Community College STEM Pathways 



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