Year-Round Activities

There are many exciting events taking place before the official festival begins. Learn more about our year-round events (most of which are FREE!):



Kids, teens, and adults are invited to attend any one of the myriad camps offered year-round. They can range from preschool astronomy camps, to camps which teach teenagers how to code. These camps are offered year-round, all around Arizona (with peak seasons being summer, winter, and spring break season)! See the constantly-updated list of upcoming camps here


Competitions are held all around Arizona, from VEX robotics to LEGO to statewide mathematics competitions, you name it! Want to participate in an upcoming competition, or have a desire to witness who is competing over what throughout the year? See the list of upcoming competitions for all ages here


STEM conferences are hosted in Arizona year-round and can cover a number of subject matters- from neuroscience to women in science. Whether you are a STEM professional, a business person, a college student, or even a teenager, be sure to check out what conferences are coming to your area by clicking this link


Perhaps you are the type of person who’d like to learn about birds and catch a brew. Maybe you’d be interested in being part of a Science Cafe where you can speak with a local scientist or other STEM professional about the topic at hand. Discussions (especially Science Cafes), are for all ages and are catered to the public. Attend your first, second, or twentieth discussion by taking a look at what discussions are coming up


Expos and Festivals are hosted by schools, businesses, and even entire cities all around the state! Check out Prescott’s SciTechFest, the Verde Valley SciTech Festival, the Gila Valley Community College SciTech Expo, Night of the Open Door on all 5 ASU campuses, and more, by following this link


Head to your local library, community center, or stem venue, and catch the latest documentary or film showing of one of Arizona’s hottest STEM endeavors! See what’s coming up here



If you can’t make it to an event in-person, why not attend a virtual workshop, seminar, presentation, and more? Online events are always being added to our Online Calendar of Events. See a list of upcoming online events here



Whether you love neuroscience, music, conservation, or mathematics, presentations are offered all the time for all ages among all STEM subject areas. Hundreds of presentations are offered each year all around Arizona. If you are interested in find out what presentations are coming up in your area, follow this link



Are you interested in learning what goes on behind the scenes at your favorite STEM facility? Bring the family and attend an upcoming tour to witness the innards of Arizona STEM and innovation. Click here to see a listing of upcoming tours. 


Whether you are 3 or 103, you have a chance to attend any of the hundreds of workshops around Arizona and get your hands dirty! Tinker with arduino, learn how to code, and more by following this link