2014 Sun Valley Solar Challenge

Sun Valley Solar Solutions _logo_large Sun Valley Solar Solutions challenged kids of all ages to use their engineering and sleuthing skills to creatively find ways to harness the sun’s energy. As part of this two month series of events, Sun Valley Solar Solutions inspired kids of all ages to complete a series of Challenges which they could submit to obtain prizes. The Challenges were designed to be both fun and educational. “Invent It” offered a $1,000 award for the best solar invention for the home. A photo of a prototype was required, along with a short business plan. Real materials were not required for the prototype, but the invention must work in theory. The 2013 winner was 15-year-old Joey Hudy. More here. The deadline was March 31, 2014 and any individual or group may have entered the contest. Download “Invent It” Challenge “Make It” encourages people to build their own solar cell phone chargers from kits they can purchase online. Sun Valley Solar Solutions has held several workshops providing the soldering irons, solder and know-how needed to make a functioning charger. Prizes were  awarded to all entrants. Download “Make It” Challenge “Research It” encourages kids to calculate how much electricity their room uses daily, and how much that costs. Prizes were awarded to everyone who enters this fun and interesting challenge! Download “Research It” Challenge Additional information for the Sun Valley Solar Solutions Challenges can be found here or at http://www.svssolutions.com/challenge/. Questions about the challenges can be sent to challenge@svssolutions.com.