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May 27th, 2018

Science Sunday: Sci Fi Cinema

Join us for a STEM program each Sunday. 
May 27th, 2018

Big Bytes

What do video games, robots and self-driving cars have in common? Code!
May 27th, 2018


In this course, guests will be introduced to the world of Arduino and microcontrollers; a world where we control our surroundings through code and sensors.
May 27th, 2018

Family Brain Boost

Join our education team and jump-start your brain with fun, interactive science activity!
May 27th, 2018

Live & (sort of) on the Loose!

A Look at Venomous Reptiles of the Southwest
May 27th, 2018

Butterfly Wonderland Aquatic Feedings

Koi fish feedings
May 27th, 2018

Butterfly Wonderland Aquatic Feedings

Stingray and shark feedings
May 27th, 2018

Rainforest Reptile Talks

A talk about all of the wonderful reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods
May 27th, 2018

Bee Talks

Entomologist and horticulturist Dayna Cooper informs guests on the important topics surrounding bees.
May 27th, 2018

Aquatic Feedings

Stingray and shark feedings
May 27th, 2018

Water Ecology Discovery Station @ Hassayampa River Preserve

Come learn about the diverse aquatic ecosystem of the Hassayampa River with a discovery station allowing visitors an up-close view of some of our fish, amphibians, and aquatic insects.
May 27th, 2018

POMPEII: After Hours – Exhibition & Supervolcanoes Planetarium Show

Pompeii After Hours | Exhibition + SuperVolcanoe
May 27th, 2018

Butterflies of Tohono Chul

Nature lovers, shutterbugs and bug lovers will get an in-depth glimpse of some of the most engaging creatures in the Sonoran Desert, butterflies! 
May 27th, 2018

Edible & Medicinal Plants of Arizona and the Southwest: Walk Narrated by David Morris

Learn how food can be made from mesquite pods, prickly pear cactus fruits (even the cactus pads) on a walking tour where you’ll see towering stalks of native Agave chrysantha – a source of agave nectar.
May 27th, 2018

Southern Arizona Hiking in Tucson’s Catalina Mountains

Explore the hiking trails of southern Arizona's Catalina State Park with experienced hiking guide, Gaston.  
May 27th, 2018

Ethnobotany of Sedona Guided Hike

Learning more about the native plants and trees here in the Sedona area is a great way to enhance any hike.
May 27th, 2018


Beerstronomy: Because everything is better with beer!
May 27th, 2018

Perfect Little Planet

Discover our solar system through a new set of eyes – a family from another star system seeking the perfect vacation spot.
May 27th, 2018

Touring the Solar System

Zoom away from planet Earth and take a guided tour through the Solar System!
May 27th, 2018

We Are Stars

A fun, gorgeously animated fulldome show about cosmic chemistry and our explosive origins, this dazzling film reveals how hydrogen and carbon, the very building blocks of life, formed in the universe and then brings it all back to us – we are made of stars!
May 27th, 2018

Tucson Sky and Beyond

Come enjoy the Tucson sky!
May 27th, 2018

SkyNights StarGazing Program

Explore the night skies from the summit of Mt. Lemmon using Arizona's LARGEST publically available telescope. 
May 27th, 2018

Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter & UA Sky School General Public Open House

Join the staff of the Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter and the UA Sky School to experience all the great programming we have to offer.
May 27th, 2018

Discovery Gardens Stations

Visitors can learn about the plants, animals, and geology of the area at our interactive Discovery Stations and guided walks.
May 27th, 2018

Guided Gardens Walk

Topic: Forest Ecology: Understanding the Story of the Ponderosa Pine Forest. 
May 27th, 2018

Liberty Wildlife OPEN

You can take self guided tours through our eco-friendly building, interactive learning lab and our interpretive trail where you will find many birds of prey.
June 19th, 2018

Science in Music at Kingman Library

Explore Boomwhackers, learn about the science of pitch and develop a musical ear
June 23rd, 2018

Hunter Education Field Day

Learn to hunt safely and ethically.
July 21st, 2018

Stormwater Basics: Preventing Pollution at San Tan Mountain Regional Park

Join us for an informative presentation that will shed light on something that we do not often think about – where our rainwater runoff goes.
August 4th, 2018

Feeding Frenzy! at Cave Creek Regional Park

No fork, knife, or spoon necessary for these cool customers. 
August 8th, 2018

Computer Class – Excel 1 at Agave Library

Learn how to use the basic data-analyzing functions of Microsoft Excel
August 10th, 2018

Patagonia Mountains Overnight Trip

Pre-dinner visits to the Roadside Rest and Paton’s for Gray Hawk, Thick-billed Kingbird, Varied Bunting, and Violet-crowned Hummingbird.
September 8th, 2018

Birds of Estrella at Estrella Mountain Regional Park

Explore the bird life of Estrella Park with special guest guide Joe Ford.
December 19th, 2018

The Arizona Coyotes Present STEM SUMMIT

The Arizona Coyotes are proud to host our second annual STEM Summit on Tuesday, December 19th, 2018.