2017 Session: “The March for Science Panel”

Posted in: Kickoff Conference

Track: Community STEM Action & Volunteerism 

The March for Science was an event and movement that is a response to the anti-science campaigns and policies. Internationally, over 1 million people across 600 cities held a March for Science. In the streets of downtown Phoenix, Tucson, and Flagstaff thousands of people came out to listen to various names in science and politics and to attend a science fair with organizations across the entire valley. In this panel, the organizers of the March for Science in Arizona will tell the story of how it all began, how they put together the entire event, and the future goals and principles of the movement. 



  • Laura Taylortaft, Executive Director of Phx-MfS, (480) 248-4536






  • Michael Prator, Web Developer 






  • Josh Hoskinson, Organizer of Tucson-MfS, (951) 836-1424







  • Jason Andrade, Programming Director 







  • Hannah Phipps-Yonas, Programming Director 






  • Don Balanzat, Communications Director of Phx-MfS 





  • Maria Johnson, Tucson-MfS 






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