2017 Session: “Keeping it Alive: Offering up Fresh Perspectives”

Posted in: Kickoff Conference

Track: Festival & Event Planning 

This session offers a look into how the seasoned pros re-think and re-design to keep their S.T.E.A.M activities and event current and fresh for their audience. Join the conversation and find out how they do it, why they do and how they stay motivated. Come check out the contagious enthusiasm.




  • Moderator: Cyndi Coon, Founder and Chief Experience Officer, Laboratory5 Inc., cyndi.coon@gmail.com 




  • Spark! Mesa’s Festival of Creativity – Cindy Ornstein, Exec. Dir., Mesa Arts Center & Director of Arts and Culture, City of Mesa, Cindy.Ornstein@mesaartscenter.com, 480-644-6601










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