Kickoff Session Sneak Peek: “Coding – A Basic Skill for the Future?”

Posted in: 8th Annual Kickoff Conference

Track: STEM in Education

With increasing adoption of technology in our lives, is coding becoming an essential skill for future?

As we know, technology has now permeated all modes of human existence, be it cars for transportation,  satellites for aerospace, and even home appliances for everyday use. And what do each of these have in common? Coding. 

While coding is not currently in the main stream, it could end up being soon, especially as more and more schools are integrating coding classes and workshops into their curriculums as core needs before graduation. 

Coding helps people to learn to not only think logically, but to practice the application of math and problem solving in the real world. Join this panel of STEM pros and engage in discussion on why coding is pivotal to our children’s future. It IS that important, and you will learn why — straight from the industries of the future!


Panel Moderator: Vishal Bansal, Managing Director, Code Ninjas Peoria/Glendale




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